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SOiL Oils


SOiL was born in 2000 from a passion to bring the health and balancing benefits of essential oils to homes and families across the globe. The fertile soils and high rainfall of their family farm in Zululand, South Africa, combined with the rich local heritage of therapeutic plants formed the perfect foundation from which to develop and refine their oils. From their small agricultural project, the brand has been built into an internationally recognized brand, known for its integrity, purity and traceability of all our products.

For SOiL, organic is not just a certification that is required—it is a way of life, of farming and of doing business. The team ensure their 100% organic status through the entire growth cycle—from cultivating root stock to harvest. While some of their oils are still produced on the family farms, they have extended their search for good quality, certified organic essential oils from around the globe.

SOiL consistently strives to bring their customers certified organic essential oils from ethical, sustainable sources and are committed to being a company that values the environment, their customers, employees, and the rural community in which they operate. SOiL products are certified by ECOCERT Greenlife and ECOCERT COSMOS. They are proud of their pioneering approach to organic farming, which has formed the foundation of their success in developing this eco-ethical aromatherapy range.

By manufacturing, packaging and distributing directly from their farm, SOiL can control the whole process. This means they are able to manage the quality, purity and price of each product effectively.


SOiL is a Fair Trade company, which means they provide healthy working conditions for their local community and minimize environmental impact in all of their operations.

They are also actively involved in the establishment and support of various projects which seek to uplift impoverished communities.
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