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Kind Lips


Kind Lips creates natural and organic lip balm that leave your lips nourished and protected, while reminding you to choose kind words. With 20% of profits given to anti-bullying organizations, each tube of Kind Lips is a reminder to be kind.

Their founder, Joshua, launched Kind Lips in 2017. Curious where the name came from?

One evening Joshua was sitting on his couch contemplating what his next calling in life would be. He wasn’t sitting long before he knew it was to start a lip balm company (yes, we know that sounds weird) and to name it Blessed Lips. Shortly after being struck with the idea Joshua’s mother called to chat, and at the end of the conversation he excitedly told her about his new venture. After her son had explained his idea, Mary told him, “You will be good at whatever you choose to do in life.”

The next morning the phone rang at 6AM, and it was Mary with more to offer. She eagerly began to describe a vivid dream she’d just experienced. In the dream Joshua said something mean to his sister, and his Mother made him sit down and repeatedly write “The law of kindness is on my lips.” As he was writing the sentences, the words “Kind” and “Lips” began flying off of the page towards her. She passionately voiced, “If you do this lip balm thing, I think you are supposed to call it Kind Lips, and it will be a reminder for people to speak kind words when they use it.” (Boom, told you she was the best mom!) From the first day Joshua began this journey, he knew Kind Lips would serve a higher purpose than just hydrating lips. It is Joshua’s belief that Kind Lips and its message will inspire kindness all over the world one set of lips at time.


Kind Lips donates 20% of every product purchased to anti-bullying organizations who are devoted to promoting kindness and creating a world without bullying.
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