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GOEX Shirts


GOEX specializes in creating and producing fair-trade t-shirts while offering fair-wage employment to break the cycle of poverty and empower workers within their families and communities.

Fair Wages
GOEX believes dignified employment strengthens families.

US Fabrics
USA fabrics are cut and sewn in Haiti to lower the carbon footprint.

Social Impact
GOEX positively impacts communities in the USA and Haiti.

Fair Trade Federation
High-quality, fair trade manufacturing. GOEX is one of few who have passed the Fair Trade Federation’s (FTF) rigorous screening.

Sustainable Components
Sustainable materials are used in every product.

A Better Shirt Starts with Better Standards.
Your shopping has the power to strengthen families, create jobs, and change lives. You can help set an example in the marketplace that ethical commerce can affect systemic, bottom-up change through the dignity of work.

By choosing GOEX, you are choosing a better shirt for a better world.


A better shirt starts with better pay. GOEX chooses to pay their workers in Kansas City and Haiti fair wages. On average, one of their workers earns a wage that supports six family members. A better shirt starts with better standards.
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