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Chasing her dream of being a fashion designer and creating her own brand, founder Katie Martinez’s passion for clothing and heart to liberate women affected by sex trafficking find their partnership in Elegantees.

Founded in 2010 from a desire to create stylish clothing that was both pretty and comfortable, Elegantees is for the woman who seeks to find a balance, while enjoying the comfort and movement of a regular tee.

Embodying the mission of reducing vulnerability through opportunity, Elegantees partners with K.I.Nepal, a nonprofit organization that rescues over 20,000 women and children each year from being sold at the border of Nepal-India.

Elegantees is about more than creating stylish clothing, it’s about opening doors and providing hope for those rescued. K.I.Nepal’s sewing center employs nearly 20 people exclusively for Elegantees who earn a positive and livable source of income that reinforces independence, a healthy self-image, and confidence that restores lives.


Elegantees creates sustainable and ethically sourced fashion in partnership with nonprofit organizations that fight sex trafficking by creating meaningful employment for women in high-risk areas of the world.
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