DVTD + Traffick911

Traffick911 fights child sex trafficking by helping survivors embrace healing and freedom.

Trafficking survivors often fall through the cracks of established systems. Since 2009, Traffick911 Advocates have taken a holistic approach to building trust with trafficked youth, meeting them right where they are and walking alongside them in life as they navigate the process of healing from trauma.

The Problem

Sex trafficking is a symptom of a much more deeply-rooted issue: relational brokenness.

Statistically, trafficking victims, traffickers, and oftentimes buyers have experienced abuse and/or neglect in their own homes and communities. This brokenness defines their reality and sets them on a path of exploiting others and/or being vulnerable to victimization.


Their Solution

The Voice & Choice Program provides 24/7 crisis response, field-based advocacy, and specialized case management for child sex trafficking victims alongside community multi-disciplinary team partners.

Traffick911’s field-based team of full-time advocates responds to law enforcement when a victim is recovered and dispatches to their location within 60 minutes. Highly-trained advocates work to establish felt safety, meet material needs, implement safety plans, and ensure safe housing is secured. Advocates work with survivors into adulthood for long-term healing and protection from re-victimization through trauma-informed case management, goal-planning, and connection to safe community relationships.

How Your Shopping Keeps Giving

When you shop DVTD.com, you give back with every product you purchase!

For example, if you purchase…

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Your purchase gives back to help …

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  • Fight child sex trafficking by helping survivors embrace healing and freedom!

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