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Top 10 Reasons You’ll Love Gifting FAZL!


Top 10 Reasons You’ll Love Gifting FAZL!

We all love FAZL for their ultra-warm and cozy handmade socks, but as a company, they are so much more than their products and passionate about giving back. 


1. The FAZL company is built on love. In fact, the founders met while on a life-changing journey in North India as they were volunteering at orphanages. You can learn more about their story here

Founders Mike and Vanessa with two ladies that knit socks for FAZL

2. FAZL is committed to supporting orphans in North India. Did you know the number of orphans in India is nearly the entire population of Canada? That’s 35 million!  

3. They support dignified work for local artisan women. FAZL gives fair wages to the women who handcraft their products. 

FAZL partner Tsewang with ladies that knit socks for FAZL

4. Designs are indigenous to the Himalayan and Mizo people respectively and support their beautiful traditions as artisans pass their designs from mother to daughter, down through the generations.

5. You’ll learn something new! All of the products have Hindi names and are chosen as a value of FAZL or a value of their community.  

6. Products are 100% vegan, super soft, and toasty warm! They’re the perfect blend of 80% acrylic and 20% nylon that’s like sheep’s wool won’t itch or cause allergic reactions like sheep’s wool. 

7. FAZL continues to look for ways to improve. They’re currently looking into sourcing yarn made from recycled materials so they can take sustainability to the next level.

Founders Mike and Vanessa with Tsewang, a partner at FAZL who grew up in one of the orphanages that FAZL supports

8. Everything you purchase from FAZL makes a difference through their givebacks, as well as ours. FAZL is committed to supporting orphanages in India that care for vulnerable children. They dedicate 50% of their net profits to this cause. In addition to this, your purchase of FAZL products also supports DVTD’s cause of the month


9. FAZL sold relief packs to provide food to Indian communities that were drastically impacted by the Covid lockdown and were able to feed 400 families!  

10. FAZL is Fair Trade Certified. A lot of companies talk about providing fair wages, but FAZL is the real deal and meets Fair Trade Federation’s rigorous certification process that includes environmental standards, social standards, and economic standards. 


Meet the Founders

Meet Vanessa & Mike, FAZL founders, and learn more about them and their company in this short video below.

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