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Customized Hair Products for Fall

Customized Hair Products for Fall Happy Fall, Y’all! Pumpkin spice, campfires, crisp autumn breezes… if you’re in Texas, like us, you know cooler weather is coming, albeit, a little slow. And, no matter where you are, that means brisk, humidity-free days, and chilly nights are on the way. It’s a dream for spending time outdoors […]

Back-to-School Showcase Video

Back-to-School Showcase Video It’s that time of year, and DVTD has the brands and products you need to make the most of it. Enjoy learning more about these give-back brands in this shot streamed event. Brett Duncan and Esther Diemer cover the 5 must-have brands from the DVTD marketplace for back to school! So … […]

Top Tips To Get You Through Winter!

Top Tips To Get You Through Winter! With more than two months of winter still to go (if you’re in the Northern Hemisphere, that is), you’ve probably noticed your hair is feeling extra dry, your skin is more sensitive, your commuting to work is now in the dark, and your “get up and go” has […]

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