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Summer Essentials: Movies, Shopping, and Giving Back

Summer Essentials: Movies, Shopping, and Giving Back

Among the line-up of hot summer movies including Indiana Jones the Dial of Destiny with Harrison Ford, Mission Impossible Dead Reckoning with Tom Cruise, and others featuring A-List actors, is another movie that’s been getting a lot of attention and, at the same time, not much at all. 

Say what? Let us explain. 


Seen the Sound of Freedom Movie?

Sound of Freedom, a Christian thriller about Tim Ballard, a former Department of Homeland Security agent, who rescues children from exploitation has been taking the box office by storm. The summer’s surprise hit has raked in more than $85 million since its July 4th release. 

So if you haven’t heard about it, you may be wondering why. Created outside of Hollywood, the movie has been surrounded by controversy from conspiracy theories to political motives, and even some viewers have taken to social media with reports of strange things happening within the theaters. However, despite the movie’s controversy and lack of promotion on major networks, it continues to top the charts, proving word-of-mouth advertising still prevails. 

Despite the controversy, one thing we can agree on is human trafficking needs to be addressed and any measures we can take to support reputable organizations that help anti-trafficking efforts are vital.   


Sound of Freedom shines a powerful light on the urgent issue of child exploitation and serves as a rallying cry for justice. It inspires audiences to take action—and I would encourage everyone to see it.” — Brett Duncan, DVTD owner 


How You Can Give Back to Anti-Trafficking

If you’re inspired to give back to this cause, many reputable organizations aid in the fight against Human Trafficking. For example, the nonprofit, Traffick911, offers 24/7 crisis response, field-based advocacy, and specialized case management for child sex trafficking victims.

At DVTD, we’re proud to offer a Marketplace of items that all give back to amazing causes—at no additional cost to you. So when it comes to giving back, you can make your money and your giving go farther by shopping for products that support invaluable causes.  

So for example, if you wanted to stock up on gifts and essentials that automatically give back to anti-trafficking organizations, you can shop: 


MISSIO Hair is an affordable-luxury brand of hair products with a mission to use beauty to restore hope and fight human trafficking. Every purchase supports initiatives to EDUCATE salons and communities to identify potential victims, SERVE women at risk and in recovery, and GIVE to non-profit partners aiding in the rescue and rehabilitation of victims worldwide. Learn more →

Starfish Project

Starfish Project is committed to ensuring high-quality jewelry that lasts, with processes that are better for the environment because life-giving choices are at the heart of what they do. They are a social enterprise with a holistic care program that cares for women escaping human trafficking and exploitation in Asia. At Starfish Project, women and girls experience freedom, establish independence, and develop careers. They have employed and trained over 160 women and served thousands more through their community outreach. Learn more → 

Calyan Wax Co.

Calyan Wax Co. crafts incredible candles that are safe for your home. They donate 5% of their revenue to Traffick911, which gives freedom, justice, and empowerment to survivors of human trafficking. With your help, Calyan Wax Co. is supporting their work and empowering young survivors of human trafficking to dream again. Learn more →

Shop All Items That Support Anti-Trafficking Efforts →


Cause of the Month: Giving Grace

In addition to supporting anti-trafficking efforts, your purchase will also support our July Cause of the Month: GIVING GRACE

Giving Grace serves individuals and families with children in Denton County who are currently homeless or are at risk of becoming homeless. By offering their continuum of care, they empower individuals and families with the consistent support and community they need. Their approach is holistic, and the goal is to break the cycle of generational homelessness. Learn more

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