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Shopping from the Heart


Shopping from the Heart

Did you know the average American will spend $1,000 this year on their Christmas shopping? 

Your shopping may come in a little more or less or less, but as the national average, that’s a lot of money. And it makes sense: we love to make our loved ones happy. Even during a pandemic! 

What if this year, you could make your shopping dollars go further and make a greater impact without spending more? 

From the coziest socks and tastiest coffees to sought-after decor and the best apparel and hair products, we’ve searched the globe to bring you a curated collection of gifts from companies whose passion to create high-quality products is only beat by their desire to serve. 

Your shopping can actually help shape the world. 

When you shop on the DVTD marketplace this year, you can make a difference in the lives of others, including your recipient!

First, you’ll help small businesses. Not only is your DVTD affiliate a small business owner but each brand featured in our marketplace is a small business—with a big heart. 

Second, every brand on our site gives back to organizations around the globe. From helping to empower survivors of human trafficking, caring for orphans and vulnerable children, to supporting missionaries around the globe, every single product you purchase gives back!

Also, your purchase on DVTD gives back too! That’s because in addition to each brand’s give back, DVTD also offers a give back through our Cause of the Month. In November, we’re giving to Lifesong for Orphans. Through adoption financial assistance, they help bridge the gap in adoption fundraising to provide more children forever homes.


Want to make a difference this year? 

Take our Gift 2 Give challenge. It’s an easy way to give back to those less fortunate with every gift you give without spending more! 

The Challenge: Give 2 gifts from the DVTD marketplace this Christmas season.

It’s true! Did you know our DVTD marketplace has 70 items all priced under $25? That’s right, 70 items! And when it comes to getting yourself and your home ready for the holidays, the marketplace can help you get it all done!


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