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Keto Friendly Snickerdoodle Cookies (6 pack)

Supports Hunger Relief

Rolled in cinnamon sugar and filled with the African Superfruit Baobab, these keto-friendly cookies are perfect for anyone; not just those on the Keto diet!

Baobab is a native African Superfruit that contains more than 12 minerals and vitamins and has a delightfully sweet citrus taste. By purchasing a Baobab cookie, you’re giving the women in Africa who harvest it an income and higher quality of life! Feels good, tastes good!

There are 8 cookies in each pack!

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Please note: the current lot of this product being shipped shows a best by date of January 19, 2023. While this product stays fresh and tasty well beyond this timeframe, we know everyone treats these dates differently. We will continue to sell this item up through this date, but not after. However, we want you to be aware of this date now while you’re ordering.


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  • There are 8 cookies in each pack.
  • Packed in a resealable pouch.
  • Sweetened with Stevia and Monkfruit extract.
  • Contain nuts (almonds), milk and eggs.

About Nunbelievable

Nunbelievable makes delicious, premium-baked non-GMO cookies. For every cookie purchased, Nunbelievable donates a meal to someone in need. 1 cookie = 1 meal.

Our Cause

Supports Hunger Relief
For every cookie purchased, Nunbelievable donates a meal. Since October 2019, they have been able to donate more than 100,000 meals. Some of the organizations they have the privilege of working with are North Texas Foodbank, New York City Relief, Sisters of Mercy, Joshua’s Heart Foundation, and World Vision.
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