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Bundle Up Bundle

Supports Cause of the Month

Valued at $67. Get it for $47 this month only. 

Bundle up with our newest winter bundle that includes the Aasha (Hope) line of hat, mittens (adult medium) and socks (adult medium) from FAZL.

  • Fair Trade – Officially certified with the Fair Trade Federation. This means that the artisans are well cared for and the supply chain is held accountable.
  • Vegan – A blend of 80% acrylic and 20% nylon means these are 100% Vegan.
  • No Itch – This special blend maintains the warmth of wool, but without the itch!
  • Long Lasting – The durability of this yarn means this hat will outlast any adventure you take it on.
  • Velvety Soft and Warm – Perfect for stargazing or relaxing around a campfire.
  • Indigenous Designs – Indigenous to the local Himalayan people, these designs are passed from mother to daughter.


This special offer ends February 28, 2023!


Aasha (Hope) Socks

Stop buying boring white socks. If there's hope for your game of footsies, it’s with these socks on. Be playful, be sophisticated – be hopeful!

Length measured from toe to heel (this ultra-cozy material will stretch):

  • Children's Medium: 6 inches (limited stock available)
  • Adult Small: 9 inches
  • Adult Medium: 10 inches
Adult Medium

Aasha (Hope) Mittens

Stop buying plain, boring mittens. Be playful, be sophisticated – be hopeful!

Length from palm to fingertip (this ultra-cozy material will stretch):

  • Small: 6.5-7 inches
  • Medium: 7.5-8 inches
Adult Medium

About DVTD

Every single product offered in the DVTD marketplace is created by a company that has made giving part of its DNA. On top of the giving made by each brand, DVTD also donates at least 1% of topline sales on every order to the Cause of the Month.

Our Cause

Supports Cause of the Month
This month, the Cause of the Month is Giving Grace, and organization that serves individuals and families with children in Denton County who are currently homeless or are at risk of of becoming homeless.
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