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20oz Plastic Water Bottle

Supports Cause of the Month

Everyone should have a least one reusable bottle to keep water bottles out of our oceans and landfills. As a gift or for yourself, this reusable DVTD water bottle is the perfect sustainable option for staying hydrated.


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About DVTD

Every single product offered in the DVTD marketplace is created by a company that has made giving part of its DNA. On top of the giving made by each brand, DVTD also donates at least 1% of topline sales on every order to the Cause of the Month.

Our Cause

Supports Cause of the Month
This month, the Cause of the Month is Dayna's Footprints. Dayna's Footprints aims to combat learning inequity by providing underprivileged students with name-brand shoes to wear proudly, subsequently increasing students’ self-esteem and enthusiasm for attending school.
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