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DVTD + Preach It Teach It

Preach It, Teach It (PITI) provides Biblically solid, cutting-edge materials for Christian pastors, missionaries, and Bible teachers. By employing three generations of contributing pastors from across the country and across the world, they are able to offer varied perspectives and ministry styles, as well as international resources in a multitude of languages to address the needs of Christian workers. 

Preach It, Teach It resources are used in 228 countries and territories around the world. Their goal is to give their readers excellent resources at no cost.

What does Preach It, Teach It offer?

Support and Encouragement

Web dialog brings support and encouragement to those isolated in foreign outposts and rural hamlets. Preachitteachit.org features relevant blogs authored by innovative world-changers that allows young pastors and missionaries to connect and converse about their ministry issues.

Sermons and Sermon Resources

Sunday keeps coming, and creating sermons and locating sermon resources are constant, daunting tasks. Biblical exposition peppered with compelling stories is like warm rain to a thirsty preacher.

Even More Resources …

Devotional Guides 

Devotional guides connected with the PITI sermon series may be used for additional study to inspire shepherds to explore their personal calling and walk with Christ and may be utilized for small group teaching and discussion.

Audio, Video, Notes, Outlines

Audio and video sermons, sermon notes, and outlines are available at no cost to assist pastors and teachers in sermon preparation. They also have missionaries and counselors available to respond to questions and prayer requests by overseas partners in ministry. PITI is designed to assist thousands of local pastors, as well as their network and missionary organizations around the world.

How Your Shopping Keeps Giving

When you shop DVTD.com, you give back with every product you purchase!

For example, if you purchase…

  1. Jenessa Wait This Family Is Set Apart Print ($48)
  2. MISSIO Golden Hair Spray ($28)
  3. Starfish Project Ocean Waves Stone Bracelet ($34.99)


Your purchase gives back to help …

  • End human trafficking through MISSIO and Starfish Project
  • Support missions & ministries through Jenessa Wait
  • Provide resources for pastors, missionaries, Bible teachers, and believers.

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