DVTD + Love Packages

We love supporting causes that help spread the gospel around the world. That’s why we are thrilled to partner with Love Packages throughout the entire month of March!

Love Packages is fueling international missions work and sending the gospel to the ends of the earth by putting donated Bibles and other Christian literature into the hands of people around the world.

Love Packages collects Bible donations—as well as donations of Christian books, Sunday School materials, and more—from people and publishers across the U.S. These “love packages” are shipped to their network of distributors all over the world.

Each year, Love Packages ships more than 1,000 tons of recycled gospel literature on the mission field.

Here’s How It Works:

  • Collect: Love Packages receives (or picks up) donated Bibles and other used Christian literature from across the country.
  • Sort: Before packaging, the Bibles, books, reference material, CDs, and other materials are sorted and categorized.
  • Pack: Different kinds of material are packed in color-coded boxes for easier distribution on the mission field.
  • Ship: 20-foot cargo containers stuffed with the gospel are sent to their distributors in port cities around the world.

Want to do more?

There are several ways you can be a part of what God is doing through the literature ministry!

  1. Pray for the work, the distributors, and the people who read the material.
  2. Donate funds to help their organization operate and ship containers.
  3. Donate bibles and other Christian literature.
  4. Volunteer on your own or bring a short-term missions group.

How Your Shopping Keeps Giving

When you shop DVTD.com, you give back with every product you purchase!

For example, if you purchase…

  1. Elegantees Sunday Top ($54)
  2. Jenessa Wait This Family Is Set Apart Print ($48)
  3. MISSIO Golden Hair Spray ($28)


Your purchase gives back to help …

  • End human trafficking through MISSIO and Elegantees
  • Support missions & ministries through Jenessa Wait
  • Support international missions work by putting donated Bibles and other Christian literature into the hands of people around the world.

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