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Live a Year That’s Fully Devoted!

Live a Year That’s Fully Devoted! 

Your Step-by-Step Roadmap to Achieve Everything God Has For You in 2023! 

Our mission is to help people live a life that’s fully devoted. 

Fully devoted to what? Well, that’s up to you! But whatever it is, we want you to do it with everything you’ve got. We believe God made us all special, unique and with a purpose, and yet we so often feel confused, frustrated and even lost when it comes to actually believing that. Ever dealt with that? 

So we’ve put together free course that will walk you through a proven methodology on identifying your goals, and breaking down the steps you need to take to make them become a reality.

Text 2023 to 214.609.1131 to sign up!

This 10-Part course is completely FREE to anyone and everyone! 

  • No strings attached! 
  • No obligations or pressure to purchase anything! 
  • No bait and switch or teases to upgrade for the “good stuff.” 

We just want to help you create the blueprint for an amazingly fulfilling year! 


Here’s how it works: 

  • You register for the course by texting ‘2023’ to 214.609.1131
  • You’ll be asked for your email address, too, for some extra goodies. 
  • Every day (starting January 7), you’ll receive a 15-minute long video walking you through the lesson. 
  • At the end of 10 days, if you stick with each step of the process, you’ll have a clear and detailed roadmap for your goals for 2023! 

That’s it. It’s simple, straightforward and has the potential to make 2023 the most fulfilling year of your life!

Text 2023 to 214.609.1131 to sign up!

Our Approach

There are lots of tips and tricks on goal-setting, resolutions and life planning. Many of them are really good. Some … not so much 😉 But one thing is for sure: no matter how good the plan is, it’s only effective if it’s followed. 

We’ve put together a straightforward plan that focuses more on turning plans into reality than anything else. We’ve curated lots of proven approaches, and very closely followed the execution methodology provided in the #ThisIsMyEra Planners (no purchase necessary).

What we love about the #ThisIsMyEra approach is how it guides you through breaking down every goal into monthly, weekly and even daily steps. The journey of a thousand miles starts with the first step, and this approach will help you do that for your own life.

Text 2023 to 214.609.1131 to sign up!

Here are just a few of the unique components of this Free Course: 

  • Identity-Centric Planning: We believe that who you are always trumps what you do, so we apply that to our goal-setting and planning methods, too. We’ll prompt you to think through the different roles you play in your life, so you can excel in every area of your life and become the person God wants you to become.
  • Balanced Life Planning: We’ll cover career, business and finances, sure. But we also want to make sure we cover goals in your spiritual life, your family, your relationships and even your hobbies.
  • Milestones and Markers: Setting a goal is one thing; figuring out what the journey along the way should look like is the real magic, though. We’ll show you smart ways to identify what success looks like, both at the end of your journey, and throughout the process.
  • Habits and Hacks: Aligning and establishing your habits to match your plan is where the rubber really hits the road. We’ll walk you through how to establish daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly habits to break any big goal down into smaller, more manageable chunks.
  • Tips and Templates: We’ll share templates and specific ideas that can serve as your framework for mapping out the year that makes sense for you. 


This course will be led Brett Duncan, founder and President of DVTD. Brett is known for his down-to-earth, practical training style, and you’ll love the examples he will share to help you tangibly understand how to take the concepts he teaches and apply them uniquely to your life and situation. 


Your success deserves 15 minutes a day.


Join us as we collectively create the blueprint for our year (and beyond). Just think of the impact we can all have together if we can truly live a life that’s fully devoted!

Text 2023 to 214.609.1131 to sign up!

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