DVTD + Lifesong for Orphans


We are so excited to partner with Lifesong for Orphans throughout the entire month of November! 

Lifesong seeks to mobilize the Church to care for the orphan, where each member can provide a unique and special service: some to adopt, some to care, some to give. The organization provides support for orphans on several levels. From helping families overcome the financial obstacles of adoption, to supporting orphan care globally, to even supporting churches in creating their own adoption funds, Lifesong for Orphans is committed to serving the needs of orphans.

And, you can feel great about giving to Lifesong, knowing that every dollar you give goes directly to help orphans.

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National Adoption Month

November is National Adoption Month, so partnering with Lifesong for Orphans is especially timely. Every dollar given by DVTD in November will go directly to funding adoption grants through Lifesong. Families will be connected because of your shopping with DVTD. 

Learn more about National Adoption Month here.


See how DVTD is making giving back a top priority!

In summary, here are the two ways that DVTD gives back:

  • 1% of all sales is given back to the Cause of the Month. We give from our topline revenue, not our profits or proceeds, recognizing that we give first.
  • $3.50 of every monthly membership fee of our Preferred Customers and Affiliates is given back to the Cause of the Month.

How Your Shopping Keeps Giving

When you shop DVTD.com, you give back with every product you purchase!

For example, if you purchase…

  1. Elegantees Sunday Top ($54)
  2. Jenessa Wait This Family Is Set Apart Print ($48)
  3. MISSIO Golden Hair Spray ($28)


Your purchase gives back to help …

  • End human trafficking through MISSIO and Elegantees
  • Support missions & ministries through Jenessa Wait
  • Invest in Lifesong for Orphan’s adoption grants through DVTD