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How DVTD® Works

A marketplace with a mission, featuring products with a purpose

Every product gives back.

Every single product offered in the DVTD marketplace is created by a company that has made giving part of its DNA. These social entrepreneurs are donating a portion of every sale they make to a cause that they’re passionate about. From rescuing women out of sex trafficking to supporting missionaries and ministries across the world, the brands we feature in the DVTD marketplace are making a difference.

And … the products they make are amazing! All you have to do is start shopping, and every purchase you make will not only support these great companies, but also the causes they partner with.

Every purchase gives back.

Above and beyond the donations made by our brand partners, DVTD also donates at least 1% of topline sales on every order to the Cause of the Month.

So, whether you order a single product or a whole category of products, just know that the giving keeps growing with every single purchase.

Every person gives back.

Looking for a what to get, and give, the most out of DVTD?

For only $47/year, Preferred Customers get monthly coupons of 15% off, and access to even more perks and launches throughout the year. But more importantly, DVTD donates $3 for every purchase made by a Preferred Customer to the Cause of the Month.

For a nominal monthly fee, you’ll unlock even more reasons to keep shopping with DVTD, and you’ll help unleash the power of giving exponentially! Learn more about the Preferred Customer program.

Ready to let your shopping shape the world?

A New DVTD Experience Every Month

Each month, we don’t just launch new products; we launch completely new brands and categories! On top of that, we also highlight a new Cause of the Month.

The reason is simple: we want to focus all of our storytelling and promotional power on a handful of brands and a single cause so they can benefit the most from all the attention. We call it a “Featured Month,” and each Featured Month has what we refer to as our “Featured Brands” and our “Cause of the Month.”

Once a new month begins, it doesn’t mean those brands and their products go away. In most cases, they’ll still be available for anyone to purchase in the marketplace. But they won’t be “featured.” Instead, we spread the wealth and feature new brands every month, making DVTD a powerful platform to help these social entrepreneurs generate an even greater impact.

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