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How Nunbelievable is Taking on the Hunger Crisis, One (Delicious) Cookie at a Time

How Nunbelievable is Taking on the Hunger Crisis, One (Delicious) Cookie at a Time

This is a guest post written by Bryan Janeczko and Kuda Biza, the co-founders of Nunbelievable.

DVTD is excited to partner with Nunbelievable. Their passion to make a difference by feeding the hungry is evident in everything they do, and we’ve asked them to share their story with you. Here’s what they had to say …


Staggering Numbers of Hunger in America

The U.S. Department of Agriculture estimates that more than 10 percent of American households struggle with food insecurity, meaning that they are unable or uncertain of their ability to provide sufficient food.

That equates to nearly 40 million Americans who are facing hunger on a regular basis. Those staggering statistics (which only got worse during the pandemic) were behind our decision to create Nunbelievable in 2019.


A Mission as Equally Important as the Product

From the very beginning, we knew that it was just as important for our company to deliver on our mission to fight hunger as it was to offer delicious, wholesome baked goods to our customers.

For every product sold, we make a donation equivalent to a meal to one of our impact partners working on the front lines of this overwhelming crisis.

So far we are proud to have succeeded on both of our goals. Sales of our cookies have continued to grow over the two-plus years since we launched — including up against the daunting challenges brought on by the pandemic — and we have already donated more than 1 million meals to the hunger-relief organizations across the country.


10 Million Meal Goal

Our next target is to donate 10 million meals by 2023. We know it’s a lofty goal, but we are confident that it is achievable, especially with the incredible platform that DVTD provides.

The Co-Founders’ Background

Nunbelievable is the result of our complimentary skills and vast experience.

Bryan is a health and wellness entrepreneur who has spent many years in the food industry, creating and consulting on several start-ups and playing a key role in pioneering the premium meal-delivery service industry.

Kuda has spent most of his life working with mission-based ventures, spurred on by his first-hand experience growing up in Zimbabwe during a devastating drought. Since then, social causes have always been an important part of the companies he’s created. 

Combining Kuda’s additional experience at a Fortune 500 company, and Bryan’s keen understanding of the food industry has been a recipe for success at Nunbelievable. In fact, this company is the natural evolution of our combined experiences, utilizing a one-for-one impact model that encourages our customers to join us in a worthwhile cause while simultaneously enjoying a unique treat. 


What type of cookies does Nunbelievable make?

We offer premium, non-GMO, baked goods, including a wide variety of delicious cookies that contain no artificial flavors or preservatives. Our menu features everything from artisanal chocolate chip, peanut butter, and oatmeal raisin cookies, to delicious low-carb, gluten-free, keto-friendly varieties, including pecan sandy, snickerdoodle, and double chocolate chip.

Who does Nunbelievable give back to?

From international and national agencies like World Vision and Feeding America, to local organizations like the North Texas Food Bank, City Relief, and House of Mercy, we have partnered with inspiring people who are working tirelessly to help those struggling with hunger and food insecurity. You can check them out at nunbelievable.com.

And we don’t just contribute from afar; we also get engaged directly in the efforts of our impact partners. Our staff, customers, and clients have all rolled up their sleeves to help out in local communities, doing everything from sorting and packaging food and supplies to directly serving meals to those in need.

It has been so deeply rewarding and humbling to see firsthand the good that can be done in the face of such daunting circumstances.


Rayshon’s Success Story

We were particularly blown away by the success story of a young man named Rayshon. He had previously struggled with homelessness and is now back on his feet thanks to the work of City Relief, an incredible agency based in our local community in the New York City area. Rayshon not only found a new job and place to live, but he is paying it forward by serving as a volunteer with City Relief’s tremendous outreach services.

“Homelessness is a mindset and it’s difficult to get out of it by yourself,” he told us. “And you really need a team of people who care about you, who really want to see you do well.” 

The Press is Impressed

We’re proud of all the attention our mission has attracted. Nunbelievable cookies (and the impact they make) have been featured prominently in the media, including nationally televised spots on Good Morning America and The View.

In addition, WNBA champion and Olympic gold medalist Jewell Loyd is one of our biggest supporters, stepping up to maximize donations with several campaigns supporting Nunbelievable. 

We’ve also gotten a lot of love from influencers on social media, including Caroline Levens of the popular Instagram account Caroline’s Keto Kitchen.

“After I tried them I was in pure cookie shock,” she wrote of our low-carb treats. “It’s really rare keto products blow me away… the cookies are bigger than other brands’ mini keto cookies, crispier and slightly less sweet (which I actually found favorable, even though I like things on the sweet side.)”

Every Bite Helps Improves Lives

It has been so gratifying to see that our cookies and our mission have resonated with so many people. We like to say that Nunbelievable cookies are a guilt-free treat because every bite you take is helping improve the lives of those in need. So we hope you can join us in helping make a Nunbelievable impact against hunger.


Shop Nunbelievable and Support Hunger Relief

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