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Getting to the Heart of Gobena


Getting to the Heart of Gobena

We consider it an honor to partner with Gobena Coffee. While you may know them as offering up your favorite fresh roasted coffees and single serve cups, Gobena is so much more than just coffee.

From their mission of giving to even their namesake, the brand was inspired by a 70-year-old farmer and his sense of community.  


The Story Behind the Brand

In the summer of 2007, Steve and Danae traveled to Ethiopia to adopt their little girl, Eva. The contrast in cultures was amazing. The Ethiopians they met lived in poverty but were rich in their sense of community and in the closeness of their relationships.

Gobena (pronounced gō•bĭn•ŭh), a 70-year-old farmer, found Eva abandoned in the yard near his home. “Because she is God’s soul,” Gobena and his wife, Mulunesh, took care of the newborn baby for about a month. During this time Gobena and Mulunesh realized that they would not be able to provide for Eva, so they traveled 150 miles to a police station to seek help.  

At the police station, they learned about adoption and realized that putting Eva in an orphanage to be adopted was the best option for the child. Eva is now a permanent member of Steve and Danae’s family. She is truly a blessing from God and a constant reminder that there is always hope, as long as there are people who care.

100% of the net profits are reinvested into the lives of orphan children. 



All Funds Support Orphan Care

Gobena’s sense of community inspired Steve and Danae to start this coffee ministry where 100% of the net profits were reinvested in the lives of orphan children throughout the world. In 2012, Lifesong for Orphans accepted the challenge of growing Gobena, where each bag of coffee sold blesses the lives of children. Learn more about this partnership! 

Lifesong for Orphans is committed to serving the needs of orphans. From helping families overcome the financial obstacles of adoption and supporting orphan care globally to supporting churches in creating their own adoption funds, Lifesong offers support on several levels. Learn more about Lifesong for Orphans.

Lifesong for Orphans is also our cause of the month for November! That means for every purchase made in our marketplace in November, 1% of our sales (as well as $3.50 from every November membership fee) gives back to Lifesong. Learn more about how we give. 



Hear the Gobena Story Straight from the President


Shop Gobena & Support Orphan Children

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