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Get to Know Jenessa Wait

Get to Know Jenessa Wait

Born and raised in Canada, Jenessa Wait moved to the US in 2012 to attend a bible school in California. She describes her three years attending that college as transformational.

Among other things, it’s also where she met her husband Ben, to whom she has been married now for 6 years. Ben is also very involved in the operations of their business. 


How the Company Started

The idea for her company was actually inspired by a friend who showed Jenessa a hand-letterer on Instagram. This was in 2015 when hand lettering was just starting to get really popular. Jenessa had never seen hand lettering before and it was then her friend told Jenessa she could see her doing something like this. 

At that moment, Jenessa felt something in her spirit saying, “You can do this too.” 

As Jenessa remembers, “I felt this invitation from God, like a little tug at my heart.”  

And that was the beginning. 

Built on the idea that encouragement and truth have the power to change the way we live, Jenessa’s hand lettering journey that started in 2015 as a hobby quickly turned into a business with the ability to impact the way people think about who they are and what they’re destined for. 

Merging her passion for hand lettering and modern design, you can find Jenessa Wait’s unique graphic designs on wall decor, apparel, mugs, books, and more! 


See the Spread of the Gospel

As a young adult group pastor along with her husband, Jenessa wants to see the Gospel spread to the ends of the earth and gives a portion of the company’s proceeds to missionaries across the globe.


Learn More on the Podcast

To hear more about Jenessa’s incredible story, check out the podcast where DVTD founder Brett Duncan interviewed Jenessa Wait for the first time in 2020. Just search Talk with Jenessa Wait, Founder of Jenessa Wait Designs on Spotify or wherever you listen to podcasts. 


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