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Fundraising Program

Stack the impact of your next fundraiser!

Raise Money for Your Nonprofit with DVTD

Have a nonprofit organization you’re trying to raise money for? We want to help! 

Giving is part of our DNA. It’s at the heart of all we do. That’s why every purchase and every product on our site gives back. From our special Cause of the Month to supporting anti-trafficking, fair wages, missions & ministries, medical aid, anti-bullying, and more … giving comes first. 

It only makes sense for us to offer a great fundraising opportunity for you, too! 

The DVTD Fundraiser Program is an opportunity for us to support the nonprofit organizations you’re passionate about—while still supporting all of the great causes we already give to. Learn How DVTD Works ⟶

What makes a DVTD fundraiser different?

Amplified Giving

We create a special discount code for nonprofit organizations. Anyone who shops the code receives 20% off their orders, and we’ll give your organization 10% of the sales when that code is used.

Longer Fundraisers

Longer selling times mean more opportunities to raise money. That’s why we allow you to pick the dates and hold your fundraiser for as long as one month!

Helpful Tools

We’ve made a name for ourselves in terms of giving, and want to help you do the same! We provide graphics and tools to help you get the word out.

Are you in charge of fundraising for a nonprofit organization?

Here’s how it works:

Step 1

Fill out the form below

We encourage all qualified 501(c)3 nonprofit organizations to apply.

Step 2

Start sharing

Once approved, we’ll set up a special discount code for the organization that can be shared with anyone. Shoppers who use the code will receive 20% off an entire purchase. PLUS we’ll even provide you with promotional graphics and tools to make sharing a breeze!

Step 3

Amplify your giving for up to a month!

Your job now is to just encourage people to shop and use that code! Organizations can share this discount code with anyone and everyone they please for up to an entire month. Parents, grandparents, staff, email list, post it on social media … It’s totally up to you!

Step 4

Nonprofits earn 10%

A 10% donation from all purchases made with an active discount code will be given directly to the organization! That’s in addition to all of the causes those products—and DVTD— give to.

So, let’s say the Middle School PTA is approved to have a fundraiser and someone shops for $100 in products using that discount code. Their 20% discount would mean they pay just $80 (before tax and shipping) for that order, and the PTA would receive $8 (10% of $80).

Step 5

The gift of giving

Within 15 days of the fundraiser’s end date, DVTD will pay the non-profit organization the total donation.

Want to Raise Money for Your Favorite Nonprofit?

Is there a nonprofit organization that you would like to help raise money for? Ask the organization to fill out the form below. Once approved, we’ll work directly with the nonprofit organization on the actual donation (in your honor), and keep you informed along the way. Plus, any graphics and tools to promote the event will be given to you.

Key points:  

  • Any qualified 501(c)3 nonprofit organization can apply.
  • You or your organization can run a fundraiser for up to a month. 
  • DVTD will provide promotional graphics and other tools so sharing is easy.
  • A 10% donation from all purchases made (after discounts) with the active discount code will be given directly to your organization.  
  • DVTD will pay the total donation within 15 days of the end of the fundraiser.
  • Each purchase made also gives back to the product’s cause as well as the DVTD Cause of the Month.

Nonprofit Application

Pease have a member of the nonprofit fill out this form.

DVTD reserves the right to update the details of the Fundraising Program at any time.

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