DVTD + Forgiven Felons

Forgiven Felons exists to assist formerly incarcerated people in their journey to becoming productive citizens again or for the first time.

Their basic goal is “Helping People with a Past realize their Future.” Forgiven Felons believes if the men and women behind bars have a reason to stay out of prison, then they will never come back. To reach this goal, they have to change and/or implement some core values.

What does Forgiven Felons do?


Forgiven Felons sends men and women into prisons/jails to share the gospel of Jesus. They do this in various ways. Founder Jay Dan still remembers when he was sitting in county jail wondering if he would receive a visit that week.


Forgiven Felons has a landing spot that disciples, mentors, and assists men and women after incarceration. They also provide housing assistance for men. Their goal is to have a balanced approach when helping people get back on their feet. Their organization offers spiritual accountability as well as help with basic life skills such as learning how to navigate public transportation, learning basic computer skills, assisting with resumes, and job search assistance.


Why They Do It

Nationally, almost 80% of inmates return to a criminal lifestyle or prison within three years of release. Sadly, if they don’t go back, many end up under a bridge. Most of the homeless people they meet in their ministry have done time in prison.

Forgiven Felons knows they can’t change everything, but they can do something! Their organization hopes to establish more houses across the state and the nation to decrease the recidivism rate. 

How Your Shopping Keeps Giving

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