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My Favorite Resource for Bible Questions

DVTD is a company that’s built on biblical principles.
Specifically, we believe that the Bible is God’s handbook for living, so we try to align everything we do with what it says. It’s not always easy, and we certainly fall short from time to time. But that’s our aim as a company, and my personal goal as a person.
That’s something I (Brett) got to learn firsthand from the Horner family and Premier Designs. I’ve always had the bible in my life, respected it, revered it …. But to truly think of it, and use it, as a handbook for life … not always. But that’s a big reason it’s been given to us, right? If you believe we’ve been created by God (and I do), and you believe the Bible is His word for us (and I do), then its importance and relevance cannot be overstated.

My Go-To Resource for Bible Questions

All that to say … I don’t always understand everything in the Bible. Sometimes the content itself is confusing to me. Many times I don’t have a handle on the context. Other times, I have trouble reconciling what I believe the Bible says, and what I actually see happening in the world around me. And sometimes, what’s going on in my life or in the lives of people I know simply doesn’t make sense, and I’m not sure where to look in the Bible that talks about whatever they’re going through.
For all those reasons, and many more, I’ve become a big fan of PreachItTeachIt.org.
I was blessed with being introduced to this ministry several years ago through a colleague. My marketing team jumped in and helped with some content marketing for them, and as we did that, I was stunned by how rich and deep the content was on this one website. Since then, it’s been one of my go-to resources whenever I wonder what the bible has to say about certain topics. And it’s never let me down. 

Here's How Preach It, Teach It (PITI) Describes Itself:

Preach It, Teach It resources are used in 228 countries and territories around the world. Our goal is to give our readers excellent resources at no cost. We are committed to providing you with creatively designed, biblically solid, cutting-edge materials for Christian pastors, missionaries and Bible teachers, seeking to equip them with sermons, Bible studies, devotionals and other practical leadership tools for Christian ministry. Because Preach It, Teach It seeks to address the needs of Christian workers by employing three generations of contributing pastors from across the country and across the world, we hope to present to you varied perspectives and ministry styles, as well as international resources in many languages. You can read more about the ministry here.
I need to warn you: it’s very easy to get lost in all the amazing content on this site. One question leads to one article, which then leads to a sermon, which then leads to another article…. It’s amazing. And to think that it’s all free is truly remarkable.

A Quick Guide to PITI

But if you don’t have three hours to get lost in all of those details, here are some of my favorite sections of the site to start with:
Ask Roger: Dr. Roger Barrier and his wife Julie are the heart, soul, hands and feet of PreachItTeachIt.org. You can learn more about them here. Ask Roger is a section of the site where Roger takes any question (and I do mean any question) and provides a thorough answer and explanation based on biblical truths and examples. From end times theology to what happens when we die to even addressing the authenticity of the recent Asbury revival, Ask Roger provides perspective and thinking that you likely won’t find everywhere.
Sermons: PITI brings hundreds of sermons together, all in one place. In most cases, a video of the actual service is included. You’ll find sermons from well-known pastors (like Francis Chan, Craig Groeschel and Mark Batterson) along with sermons from amazing pastors and teachers you may not be as familiar with.
Search: To be honest, I probably use the Search feature on the website more than anything. Whenever I wonder about what the bible has to say about a topic, or I don’t understand a certain passage I’m reading, I just type it in and see what pops up. What’s cool about that is I get an assortment of articles, devotionals and sermons that all address that topic, all in one place.
Bible Studies: I love a good bible study! But the idea of figuring one out on my own normally seems overwhelming. And there’s definitely no shortage of options out there, either! The bible studies provided at PITI seem to be just right for me, and give me the opportunity to browse and find the topic and style that I feel fits me best. Plus, they come in very handy if I’m leading a study with others.
Sermon Starters: I’m no pastor, so I doubt I appreciate this section as much as others, but it’s pretty fascinating to browse through everything that’s available in this section. For lack of a better term, you’re getting access to actual sermon notes provided by other great pastors.

Our Cause for March 2023

I hope you take some time to browse through PreachItTeachIt.org. As a matter of fact, I want to challenge you to set aside 30 minutes in the next week to do it. If you view the Bible as a handbook for your own life, or even if you’re not sure what you think about the Bible, I promise you’ll find something on this great site to fill in some of the blanks for you.
We appreciate PITI so much that we’re featuring it as our Cause of the Month for March 2023. That means that 1% of our total revenue will be donated to PITI, and also $3 from every order placed by a Preferred Customer and Promoter will be donated in addition to that. We hope you’ll shop with us here at DVTD this month as an easy way to support this ministry.
Other ways you can support PITI:
  • Sign up for their newsletter (just go to the website to do that).
  • Share some articles or resources with others you know.
  • Post a link on your social media profiles.
  • Give directly to them? (just visit the website for that, too!)

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