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Everyone Deserves a Spring Break

Everyone Deserves a Spring Break!

School is hard. Work is tough. Adulting is exhausting. We think it’s safe to say we all could use a little break. Whether you’re going on a stay-cation, vacation, or just taking time for a little relaxation, we’ve got you covered. 


For The Ultimate Road Trip  

The best road trips are just as much about the journey as they are the destination. Unless you’re tired. And hangry. Or both. Luckily, these products are so good they don’t need to call shotgun.   

Gobena Southern Pecan Coffee. With decadent flavors of rich pecan, caramel, and chocolate, it’s smoother than a Sunday drive and there’s a roast and flavor for every taste. For ultimate sipping pleasure, take a travel cup for the road and pack a bag for your final destination. 

Nunbelievable Keto-Friendly Snickerdoodle Cookies. When it comes to fighting off hangry, nothing beats guilt-free, Keto-friendly cookies. Tastes so good, no one will know they’re free of gluten, grains, GMOs, and added sugar. Just the stamina you need for maintaining Radio Control and endless rounds of I Spy. 

Kind Lips 5-Pack Variety Organic Lip Balm. Perfect for when your GPS is stuck on re-route, your backseat driver just won’t quit, and there’s not a rest stop in sight. This organic lip balm not only moisturizes dry lips but also comes in a handy 5-pack so everyone can have their own. Not to mention, it’s a reminder to spread kindness, which is great since you know who is not going to stop asking Are We There Yet? 

For The Jet Setters. 

Flying is great for getting to your destination fast. However, even the best-laid plans can hit a little turbulence. Luckily, these products are travel-friendly and you don’t have to fly first-class to appreciate them. 

Hamasha (Always) Hat, Socks, and Mittens. Headed somewhere cold this spring break? Stay cozy with FAZL. Not only will their Hamasha collection keep you toasty warm, but it’s also the go-with-everything neutral so you can pack lite. 

Coconut Cleansing Powder Dry Shampoo. Not only is this a vacation must-have,  but it also makes a great carry on. Case in point, that quart-size bag barely fits items like sunscreen and toothpaste, not to mention hair products. Luckily, this all-natural powder-based dry shampoo is also aerosol-free for easy-breezy traveling. 

TARA Dotted Swiss Skirt in Burgundy. Remember when those rhinestone-studded jeans you wore made the airport metal detector light up like the fourth of July? Yeah, us too. This year, skip the hassle and reach for the comfortable and flattering dotted Tara skirt. Not only is it easy to accessorize—and has pockets!—but it travels great and goes through security even better. Talk about win-win. 

For Girls Trips. 

When it’s just you and your besties, it really doesn’t matter where you go or how you get there. What matters is spending quality time with your ride-or-die tribe. 

Have It All SOiL Set. You know how a certain scent can take you back to a time or place with more power than a Facebook memory? With the Have It All Set you can create your own perfect ambiance. Plus, with this 7-piece variety pack, you can share with your friends so everyone can remember the fun.

Starfish Project Natalie Turquoise Hexagon Studs. From shopping and sightseeing to catching up over a great meal, having easy, versatile, and on-trend jewelry is essential. Like these turquoise studs that add a pop of color and go with almost everything.   

Remember to Be Kind 8″ x 10″ Print. There’s something about hanging out with friends that refreshes our soul. As a parting gift or souvenir for your best buds this print is the sentiment everyone will appreciate long after your goodbyes. 

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