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The DVTD Story

How We Got Started

The DVTD story begins with a simple idea: how can a social selling model be used to help support multiple causes while also supporting young, purpose-driven brands?

DVTD is a platform created to provide a marketplace with a mission for products with a purpose. As more and more companies are created with giving back at the core of their DNA, the need to amplify awareness of these brands is at an all-time high. DVTD seeks to help make that happen by connecting a tribe of passionate Promoters with brands and products so that anyone can let their shopping shape the world.

It’s a powerful concept, and our story is just beginning.

Inspired by Premier Designs

DVTD was a concept originally created for Premier Designs, a very successful party plan company that sold jewelry through the direct sales model for 35 years. Premier Designs’ founders, Andy and Joan Horner, originally created the company in 1985 as a business that would glorify God and serve others, ultimately giving more than $120 million to missions and ministries over its lifetime.

Brett Duncan worked for Premier Designs as a consultant from 2018 through 2020, and it was during this time that the vision for DVTD was first conceived. Premier Designs briefly shifted its model to support the new DVTD concept before closing its doors at the end of 2020.

While the full transition to this new model proved to be outside of God’s plan for Premier Designs, God still had a plan for DVTD. As Brett heard from so many during this time of transition, he continued to think through different business plans and structures of ways to make DVTD work. After months of thought and prayer, he felt called to continue the DVTD concept as a new company and a new model. With full permission from the Horner family, Brett set forward with a new approach to DVTD for 2021. While DVTD today is in no way operationally connected to Premier Designs, the spirit of giving back and mission-minded business is no doubt rooted in the original vision of the Horners.

Positioned for Impact

Now, DVTD marches forward, introducing new purpose-driven brands every month. Founder Brett Duncan has a vision to give $100k per month to designated causes. Giving is generated a few different ways. Most importantly, DVTD gives back $3 for every purchase made by a Preferred Customer to the Cause of the Month. You can learn more about how DVTD gives back here.

DVTD also leverages the power of community by allowing anyone to become a Promoter and earn commissions when they share and sell products to people they know. Promoter registrations are opened up for short periods of time throughout the year. You can learn more about becoming a Promoter here.

Most importantly, anyone can get in on the giving by simply shopping with DVTD. The one thing every single product has in common in the DVTD marketplace is that they all give back to a cause when they’re purchased. The selection is diverse, but the focus is clear: DVTD allows you to let your shopping shape the world.

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