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Did You Know January is National Slavery and Human Trafficking Prevention Month?

Did You Know January is National Slavery and Human Trafficking Prevention Month?

Human trafficking is a crime that affects all populations regardless of age, gender, economic class, and areas around the world, even the US. According to the US Department of State, it’s estimated that over 24.9 million adults and children around the world are subjected to human trafficking.  

While traffickers are known to capitalize on chaos—natural disasters, conflicts, and pandemics to commit crimes, there are many organizations that have made it their mission to fight back. 



One nonprofit organization, in particular, is Traffick911. Traffick911 was established in 2019 when a handful of community activists discovered that child sex trafficking was happening not just in third-world countries, but right here in North Texas. Since then, Traffick911’s mission has been singular in its focus: to free youth from sex trafficking. 


Since then, Traffic911 has formed vital local, state, and federal partnerships …

  • Training over 82,000 youth and adults face-to-face with an audience-specific prevention and awareness message
  • Training over 18,000 professionals and first responders in how to identify victims
  • Directly serving over 1,000 survivors   


From October 2021 through September 2022, Traffick911 has: 

  • Served 282 youths through long-term relational support and case management by advocates
  • Responded to 110 crisis to children, in partnership with law enforcement, where Traffick911 Advocates physically responded within 60 minutes
  • Provided services to 2,866 survivors, including transportation, food and groceries, medical appointment accompaniment, and referrals for counseling and treatment
  • Achieved 69% of goals where youth succeeded in accomplishing their self-determined goals, in partnership with their Voice & Choice Advocate


In addition to bringing awareness to this invaluable cause, we’re excited to partner with Traffick911 for a second time. As our January Cause of the Month, you can help give to this incredible cause just by shopping for your favorite products in the DVTD Marketplace. 


See the Breakdown of Our Giving for January

  • 1% of our topline revenue (not profits or proceeds) from every purchase made in the DVTD marketplace will go to Traffick911. 
  • In addition, $3 of every membership fee from Preferred Customers and Promoters will also be donated to Traffick911. 


This is in addition to the give-back that every single product in the DVTD Marketplace offers. Our current Brand Partners that support ending human trafficking include Calyan Wax Co., MISSIO, and Starfish Project


Featured Products

Interview with Lindsey Speed from Traffick911

Brett Duncan, Owner of DVTD, interviews Lindsey Speed, Executive Director of Traffick911. In this video, learn how they accomplish their mission with a 24/7 crisis response team, advocates, and community volunteer mentors walking alongside child sex trafficking victims and with community multi-disciplinary team partners.

Want to do more?

You can give a tax-deductible gift to Traffick911 that directly funds the journey toward real freedom for hundreds of survivors each year. Give now →

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