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Dayna’s Footprints is a nonprofit organization aimed at buying name-brand shoes for underprivileged students. Sam and Sharif created this foundation in 2018 to honor their older sister Dayna Sayed, who shortly before her death, worked all summer to buy them their first pairs of expensive shoes. The organization’s mission is to combat learning inequity by providing students with shoes to wear proudly, subsequently increasing students’ self-esteem and enthusiasm for attending school. 

Though the shoes will eventually wear out, Dayna’s impact on children will grow. Dayna left big shoes to fill; her brothers intend on carrying on her legacy by filling them.

How to Live & How to Give

Not long after gifting her brothers their first pair of shoes, Dayna was the victim of a senseless drive-by shooting.

But even in her short time on this earth, she impacted several people in their community as well as taught her brothers how to live and how to GIVE. In honor of her life, they founded Dayna’s Footprints.

Each year in November, they raise money to buy as many underprivileged students a pair of “nice kicks.” For many of these students, it will be their first pair and the hope is that it will inspire them the same way it did founders and brothers, Sam and Sharif. 


Combatting Educational Inequalities

In 2018, Dayna’s Footprints served 53 kids at Foster Elementary in Arlington, TX and by 2019 had expanded to Philadelphia and Los Angeles.

In 2020, despite COVID-19, Dayna’s Footprints had its best year ever and served over 160 kids in 6 different at-risk communities.

Want to donate directly to make a difference?

How Your Shopping Keeps Giving

When you shop DVTD.com, you give back with every product you purchase!

For example, if you purchase…

  1. Jenessa Wait This Family Is Set Apart Print ($48)
  2. MISSIO Golden Hair Spray ($28)
  3. Starfish Project Ocean Waves Stone Bracelet ($34.99)


Your purchase gives back to help …

  • End human trafficking through MISSIO and Starfish Project
  • Support missions & ministries through Jenessa Wait
  • Provides nice shoes to underprivileged kids through DVTD.

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