DVTD + Children's Advocacy Center for North Texas

Children’s Advocacy Center for North Texas (CAC) and their partners are the front-line responders to reports of child sexual abuse in Denton County and Wise County.

They are the only nonprofit organization that uses a unified approach to provide education, healing and justice to children, families and their community.

What does CAC do?

The Children’s Advocacy Center for North Texas operates by bringing services to the child instead of the child going from place to place to tell their stories and get the help they need.

Sadly, child sexual abuse occurs in our communities every day, with traumatic effects on children and families. The good news is there is a team of dedicated, compassionate and highly-skilled professionals ready to provide healing and justice.


Coordinated Investigations

When someone reports an outcry of child abuse, the report first goes through the local police department or child protective services. The Advocacy Center team works together to prepare for a visit from the child and their family and coordinates an investigation into the outcry.

A large part of what makes CAC successful in providing hope and healing to victims of child abuse is our coordinated investigations between the Advocacy Center staff and affiliated team members. The investigation team, consisting of …

  • law enforcement
  • Child Protective Services
  • forensic interviewers
  • family advocates
  • nurses 

… work hand-in-hand with the District Attorney’s Office to ensure that perpetrators are brought to justice. The District Attorney’s Crimes Against Children division maintain above a 90 percent conviction rate thanks to collaboration across agencies.

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