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Every product serves a greater purpose

The Companies We Work With

DVTD is a marketplace that features all kinds of different companies with one thing in common: they all give back to great causes and organizations. We refer to these social entrepreneurs as our “brand partners,” because we truly partner together to help amplify and accelerate our collective impact.

We introduce new brands to the marketplace every single month. Some offer a handful of products. Others offer quite an extensive collection. You’ll find a wide variety in terms of types of products, prices, styles and more … but you’ll also notice one common thread: every purchase of every product gives back!

Check Out This Month's Featured Brand

Joy Paper Co. creates high-quality greeting cards, paper goods and gifts that help you get (and give) more for your money.


Become a Brand Partner

Do you run a company that would be a great fit for the DVTD marketplace? Or do you know of one that we should check out? We’d love to hear from you.

Submit some simple information, and we’ll be sure to follow-up with you and send you an overview of how the partnership works.

Simply put, a brand partner already offers great products on their own. And it’s already part of their DNA to give back to causes and organizations that they’re passionate about, before getting involved with DVTD. DVTD in no way dictates how or to whom they give, but we do offer a platform with the hope that a partnership will help them achieve more.

Whenever one of these products is purchased through the DVTD marketplace, it is directly supporting the giving that these individual brands do on their own. By bringing together all kinds of different brand partners, a single shopper has the ability to support multiple causes with just one order. That’s what we mean we we say “Let your shopping shape the world!”

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