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How to Join Our “Monthly Giveaway”

How to Join Our “Monthly Giveaway” If you liked our Tally Tuesday, then you’ll really like our Monthly Giveaways! We’ve updated the rules to make the giveaway easier to follow by condensing it down to ONE week. Each month for four days, we will feature a brand on our social stories (Instagram & Facebook stories). […]

Back-to-School Showcase Video

Back-to-School Showcase Video It’s that time of year, and DVTD has the brands and products you need to make the most of it. Enjoy learning more about these give-back brands in this shot streamed event. Brett Duncan and Esther Diemer cover the 5 must-have brands from the DVTD marketplace for back to school! So … […]

Introducing Tally Tuesdays!

Introducing Tally Tuesdays! Mondays are hard. But Tuesdays? Well, they just got a whole lot better. That’s because our new Tally Tuesday is your chance to win our MISSIO Best Sellers Set (a $70 retail value) featuring MISSIO’s Classic Shampoo, Luxe Conditioner, and Coconut Cleansing Power Dry Shampoo! Just like all of their products, these […]

Top Picks for Summer Gifts to Get Your Mind Off the Heat

Top Picks for Summer Gifts to Get Your Mind Off the Heat Need a distraction from the heat? You don’t have to be in Texas (like our DVTD headquarters) to want an escape. And, while these products are no substitute for air conditioning and maybe an ice-cold drink, they’re perfect for gifting!   Gifts for […]

Meet our Newest Brand Partner, Backgate Prayers!

Meet our Newest Brand Partner, Backgate Prayers! Backgate Prayers creates interchangeable prayer cards that come with a handcrafted wooden block to display in your home as a reminder to pray every day. In 2017, God led Lisa, Kristen, and Rae Lynn together from various places and walks of life with a shared vision.   How […]

✨ Let Freedom Ring ✨

Let Freedom Ring As Independence Day draws near—it’s Monday if you’re wondering—many of us are looking forward to a day off of work, family picnics, pool parties, and of course,  fireworks! As we celebrate our own freedoms this year, we are also gravely aware that many are not afforded this basic human right. In fact, […]

Looking to Ace Your Skincare Goals? 

Looking to Ace Your Skincare Goals?  Our newest brand partner is shining a light on what amazing skincare should look like. So if you’ve been looking for products that do more than just make empty promises, it’s time for you to get to know Aprisa Skincare.  Aprisa develops uniquely formulated, scientifically-based skincare cosmetics focused on […]

The Low Down on Low Carb…

The Low Down on Low Carb… Diets have come and gone over the decades, some quicker than others. Many were restrictive. We’re looking at you, cabbage soup diet! Others had a lot of wiggle room, such as eating a grapefruit with every meal. Luckily, some actually had staying-power.  Like low-carb diets. Or, Keto diets if […]

Father’s Day is June 19th! (Gift Ideas)

Father’s Day is June 19th! June is flooded with national holidays. From National Cheese Day to Hug Your Cat Day and even National Bingo Day, there is no shortage of fun things to celebrate. However, if there’s one day worthy of a grand celebration this year, it’s June 19th. In addition to being Juneteenth, or […]

Hats off to the Grads of 2022 (Gift Ideas)

Hats off to the Grads of 2022 (Gift Ideas) Every graduating class has its own set of challenges, but our 2022 graduates? Well, as far as we’re concerned, they get an A+ in resiliency and perseverance and we couldn’t be more proud.  Know a recent or soon-to-be high school or college grad? Help them celebrate […]

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