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August 17th is National Non-Profit Day!

August 17th is National Non-Profit Day! 

In honor of National Non-Profit Day, we want to spotlight Giving Grace, our August Cause of The Month. Giving Grace is a non-profit organization that serves individuals and families with children in Denton County who are currently homeless or are at risk of becoming homeless. By offering our continuum of care, they empower individuals and families with the consistent support and community they need. Their approach is holistic and their goal is to break the cycle of generational homelessness.

However, what you might not know is that Giving Grace is actually the result of a beautiful merger: Giving Hope and Grace Like Rain, two organizations that have served North Texas for a total of 42 years. 


Giving Hope, Inc.

Giving HOPE Inc., formerly known as HOPE Inc., was created in 1986 after a group of ministers and other citizens became concerned about the rise in people coming to churches asking for financial assistance just to get through another month. 

Giving HOPE provides services for people who are currently or at risk of experiencing homelessness in Denton County. As one of the Denton County front door agencies, it is an essential component for accessing Coordinated Entry services and swiftly facilitates suitable housing interventions for those in need.

Giving HOPE’s primary programs include: 

  1. Homelessness Prevention
  2. Rapid Re-Housing
  3. Permanent Supportive Housing
  4. Street Outreach


Grace Like Rain

Founded in 2016, Grace Like Rain aids families who are either in crisis or homeless. Their community-centric program focuses on affordable housing, reliable transportation, and quality childcare. By providing life skills training, they assist in helping those in need achieve long-term personal and financial stability. 

During the pandemic, the most needed resources came to light and Grace Like Rain adapted community-centric case management services transformed and grew to encompass three specific organizational branches that integrate to meet the whole needs of families in Denton County, including:

  1. Rise with Grace Case Management Program
  2. Life Skills Programs
  3. Housing & Readiness including Emergency and Transitional Shelter


Now … Giving Grace!

Giving HOPE and Grace Like Rain merged to form Giving Grace, a nonprofit that seeks to break the cycle of generational homelessness and serves those who are homeless or at risk of becoming homeless in Denton County. Through programs like Street Outreach, House and Readiness, Rise with Grace, and Love First, they help empower individuals and families with support and community. 

Transforming lives by providing resources, relationships, and community with the love of Jesus.

Our Cause of the Month for August is Giving Grace.

That means 1% of all sales is given back to Giving Grace. We give from our topline revenue, not our profits or proceeds, recognizing that we give first.

In addition, $3 of every order made by our Preferred Customers and Promoters is given back to the Cause of the Month.

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