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February Affiliate Rally and Early Shopping

Message from Brett

It’s amazing to think that DVTD is entering its sixth month as March kicks off. Thanks so much to each and every one of you for your hard work and commitment in getting DVTD off the ground and in front of the world.

Remember our core focus for 2022 is to simply introduce more people to DVTD. It’s a concept that people love, and the products are pretty amazing as well. So keep making simple introductions to the people you know so they know DVTD is an option when they’re shopping.

I’m also excited about our new brand, SOiL Essential Oils, as well as new items for presale from Elegantees. Watch the Rally Video Replay below for all the details.

This Month's Featured Brand

Elegantees creates fashion pieces that are largely sewn by people in Nepal. Their goal is to help overcome sex trafficking by providing a positive source of income.


Elegantees Pre-Order Items

Watch the Rally Video

Important Reminders

  • Lots of things end on Monday, February 28:
  • When you place your Elegantees Pre-Sale Order, make sure it’s the only item on your order. Otherwise the entire order will be held until the Elegantees items are available.

  • Your Affiliate discount code through March 15 is MARCH20. And … you can use it twice this month!

  • Gobena Coffee prices will increase by $1-$2 on March 1 (due to an increase of costs for them).

  • The Affiliate Monthly Bonus for February will wrap up on February 28, so push to hit at least that $300 level for the $100 in product credits!

  • SOiL Essential Oils are not available for sale yet, but should arrive in our warehouse by early March, so stay tuned.
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