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10 Ways to Start Journaling!

10 Ways to Start Journaling!

Journaling is an amazing way to capture and reflect upon experiences, grow in your faith, set and reach goals, and achieve self-awareness and personal growth. Whether you’re new to journaling or a seasoned pro, here are 10 ways to help you maximize its many benefits. 


1. Choose Your Medium

Select a journaling notebook that resonates with you. We like Double Edge Notes (DEN) journals because the high-quality paper can withstand your favorite pens—even those colorful gels without smearing! Plus, the pages are thick enough, so your ink won’t bleed through. Plus, with a lay-flat binding you don’t have to worry about breaking the spine. In other words, go on and use all 185 pages – front and back. 

Want a Free Journal? When you purchase a DEN journal in our Marketplace through September 4th, you’ll get another journal FREE! 🤯



2. Embrace Free Writing

Your journal is a judgment-free zone. Write what comes to mind. There’s no shame here and no place for grammar or even comma envy. 🙌 Unlike your social channels, there’s no need to stress over the perfect caption. Instead, this is your place to be honest and transparent. So go on and let the words, doodles, and creativity flow! 

Color outside the lines: With three different page styles, blank, ruled, and dots, you can live out loud, metaphorically speaking of course. 


3. Get Inspired with Quotes, Questions, Bible Verses…

Even in that judgment-free zone, the blank page can be intimidating. To help get your words flowing, answer questions like how you’re feeling, what’s on your mind, what you’re grateful for… You get the idea! Have a favorite quote or bible verse? Jot it down, reflect on it, explore what it means, or describe how it applies to your life.

All the Best Features: Every DEN journal is designed with an expandable pocket that’s perfect for holding drawings, notes, cards and the like.  📔


4. Spend Time in God’s Word

Do you ever feel like reading God’s Word is just a checkbox item in your day? This question was posed by Double Edge Notes. In order to be the salt and the light in this world, you need to dwell richly in God’s Word. He is teaching you something every day, so start writing it down. 🙏

Did you know: Double Edge Notes journals help spread the gospel? For every journal you purchase, they distribute a Bible to a country closed to the gospel. 


5. Track Your Goals and Progress

Journaling can serve as a powerful tool for many things, including goal setting. Use your journal to write your goals. Then, break them down into actionable steps, and track and record your progress. Not only will this help you stay accountable, but it’s great for staying motivated too. 💪

Easy Tracking: The DEN notebook is designed with a 3-page table of contents to help you log your entries and find them for future reference. 


6. Challenge Yourself

Did you know journaling can have a positive impact on your wellness? According to Medical News Today, writing can serve as a valuable tool in reducing anxiety. In addition to helping you process feelings, it can also bring awareness to anxiety-causing triggers and unhealthy patterns enabling you to better challenge your thought process. 💗

Support Mental Health: Our brand partner, Joy Paper Co donates a portion of their proceeds to support mental health research and awareness. So when you shop their greetings cards, pocket journals, gift tags, notepads, and more, your purchase supports mental health.  



7. Practice Mindfulness

Wish you could stay in the present? Practice describing your surroundings, your senses, and your emotions in the present moment so you can learn to stay grounded. What makes staying present important? You’ll have a greater sense of situational awareness, become a better listener, have more control over your thoughts, and even notice and appreciate more things, like that early morning sunrise. 🌅

Can’t decide on a theme? With seven colors to choose from and three layouts, you can have a journal for anything and everything.


8. Celebrate Achievements

Have you ever noticed when it comes to recalling your achievements, it’s easy to forget what you’ve accomplished? While you probably have a laundry list ready to go about your child’s awards and accolades, your friend’s ability to hurdle obstacles like an Olympic pro, or how your spouse handled a situation so beautifully it still brings tears to your eyes. But as for yourself? Well, sure you’ve done something… 

Document your achievements! It’s not about showing off or being boastful. By acknowledging your successes, you’ll boost your self-esteem and have a more positive outlook on life. Not to mention, it is a reminder that you are resilient and capable of amazing things! 🏆


9. Stay Consistent 

Studies show it can take anywhere from 18 to 254 days to form a habit, with most people landing around 66 days. We’ll go with that since 254 days seems daunting (and also explains our jogging routine). But two months or so? You got this! To help you get started, be consistent each day when you journal so you can create a habit that sticks. 

Fun Fact: Habits are learned behaviors that become automatic through repetition and are the brain’s way of increasing efficiency.  🧠


10. Review and Reflect Regularly

Set aside time to review your past entries. Reflect on your growth, patterns, and changes over time. Feel good about your progress, celebrate your achievements, and get inspired about how you can continue growing. This introspection can reveal valuable insights into your journey of self-discovery. ⛰️

Convenience Built In! Each DEN journal comes with a sheet of stickers for labeling and archiving the spine. Not only do they make quick work of referencing what’s inside, but they also look beautiful on display. 



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