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✨ Let Freedom Ring ✨

✨ Let Freedom Ring ✨

As Independence Day draws near—it’s Monday if you’re wondering—many of us are looking forward to a day off of work, family picnics, pool parties, and of course,  fireworks! 🎆

As we celebrate our own freedoms this year, we are also gravely aware that many are not afforded this basic human right. In fact, according to the U.S. Department of State, it’s estimated that there are 24.9 million human trafficking victims worldwide. Human trafficking affects adults and children of all ages, backgrounds, and nationalities. It’s a global problem that is just as much a reality outside of the U.S. as it is across our states, within our cities, and possibly our own communities. 

That’s one of the reasons we’re so passionate about partnering with companies whose mission is to fight human trafficking, bring awareness, and support victims. If you’re looking to make a difference in the lives of those affected by human trafficking, there are many ways you can lend your support. 


Volunteer or donate to reputable organizations such as Traffik911. Traffick911 is a non-profit organization that’s based in North Texas. Its mission is to free youth from sex trafficking by helping survivors embrace healing and freedom. DVTD featured Traffick911 in January as our Cause of the Month. You can learn more about all of our causes here

Another way you can support anti-trafficking efforts is as easy as shopping DVTD. Many of our brands support anti-trafficking efforts, so when you shop their products, you help support their cause at no additional cost to you!

Calyan Wax Co.

Calyan Wax Co. crafts incredible candles that are safe for your home. They donate 5% of their revenue to Traffick911, which gives freedom, justice, and empowerment to survivors of human trafficking.

Learn more → 


MISSIO Hair is an affordable-luxury brand of hair products with a mission to use beauty to restore hope and fight human trafficking.

Learn more → 

Starfish Project

Starfish Project is a social enterprise with a holistic care program that cares for women escaping human trafficking and exploitation in Asia.

Learn more →


Elegantees creates sustainable and ethically sourced fashion in partnership with nonprofit organizations that fight sex trafficking by creating meaningful employment for women in high-risk areas of the world. Their goal is to help overcome sex trafficking by providing a positive source of income.

We’ve sold out of our current Elegantees collections, and we will let you know as soon as we get more! Learn more about Elegantees → 


Shopping for Good 

Love how your shopping helps others? Then you’ll really love knowing that in addition to every product you purchase giving back, DVTD gives back too

Want your shopping to help more invaluable causes? Our other brand partners support causes such as:  

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